Commercial Services Swiss


Foods & Beverages

It was after a request for an Asian importer seeking a European producer of quality chocolate, we are interested in the food market.


We worked over two years to research and development in solid condition and serious partners, leading to the establishment of a true supply and demand network.

Since that first contact, we have continued to weave an increasingly dense network and important among of a large number of producers and importers, between Europe, India, Asia and West Africa .

Today CS Swiss manages transactions, or simply organized the first step and contacted contractual relations between suppliers and buyers for products such as :


- Confectionery and chocolates

- Biscuits

- VitaminDRINK by O-KEE

- POLINI Distillates Beverages

- Food components derived from Seaweed

- Coconuts flakes

- Sugar

- Milk products

- Tea

- Malungai


by Commercial Services Swiss