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Modular Buildings Construction

Specializing in industrial construction and modular buildings, we have been working for over 15 years in the managing and implementation of projects in Europe, especially in Poland and France.


We have extended and developed our partnership with various producers of modular systems in Europe, and we are currently present until West Africa for achievements and monitored projects and for feasibility studies.


CS Swiss can rely on strong partners, certified by the manufacturers and with the knowledge and manpower necessary to build modular structures made in the rules of art.


CS Swiss offers its customers THE modular system suitable for the most precise and demanding needs required specifications, without neglecting the budgetary aspect, important for our customers.

Coatching locals workers to learn the modular construction

system Modular construction in Niamey, NIGER 2014



Building the provisory school in Vevey after the fire of the college of Crosets. We installed 81 containers for 14 class rooms, ready to be exploited, in only 14 days

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