Commercial Services Swiss


What about us

CS Swiss is a company founded by Laurent Reuling, and has its head office in the Lausanne area, in Switzerland.


CS Swiss is the result of many years of business travels between Europe, Asia, Middle-East, and now West Africa. This is also the result of many contacts over time and already proven strong partnerships.


CS Swiss can thus offer a fast, global and international service extending over a large part of Europe, but also in India, Southeast-Asia, Middle-East, West Africa, China and Hong Kong.


Thanks to our great cultural diversity, our roots, both geographic and occupational very diverse, we are able to meet the most varied requirements of our customers in many area activities.


These range from market research and feasibility studies, to the organization and monitoring of transaction, through research of potential customers and suppliers.


To meet closer to the requirements of our clients and their proposed innovative solutions, it is imperative to understand the dynamics of business and valued their strengths.



We put ourselves in the shoes of our customers to be closer to their expectations and so we can recommend them with the most appropriate measures to develop their activities. Our international culture allows us to bridge the gaps between different languages ​​and traditions, to penetrate deep patterns of economic markets.



Based on customer respect and expectations, but also on our partners respect, we implement all our resources to take any written or oral contract. We are working to create a state of mutual trust between all actors of business.


by Commercial Services Swiss